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Body as Basecamp (Day 169)

Your body is your basecamp for all the work you need to accomplish in your mindfulness practice. You'll notice that all of our practices involve the body (breath, sensations, etc.).

There are 7-levels of your mind – from awareness (L1) on top (most recent), to the empty (L7) at the bottom (oldest). Sitting right in-between the two is your body (L4).

The tangibility and stability of your body, as expressed by your @attention posture, will allow you to decouple from and manage (tame and train) your more recent and ephemeral emotional (L3) and thinking (L2) minds.

By the time you've sorted all that out, your powers of awareness and attention will be strong enough to penetrate deeper into your body itself, uncovering and understanding the subtler levels of mind: living (L5) and being (L6). This is the path to finishing your practice!


Recognise your @attention body as basecamp. Remember that, at first, your basecamp will be very basic – perhaps just a thin tarp to cover you. But, over time, as you keep building stability in your body, you'll build structures of hay, wood and eventually brick, where even the strongest wolf-like emotional storms will huff and puff, but won't be able to blow you down.

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