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Planting Seeds of Goodness — Day 172

We've spent some time building the @attention posture, and now we're living it and taking it out into the world, and beginning to learn about it.

As @attention becomes your new normal, it will be enough to simply bring some awareness to the area. You won't have to do/adjust/turn-on anything as such, as things will more or less just stay on. Especially as you wake everything up in your practice every morning.

This dynamic body posture supports your steady awareness, enabling you to override your emotions and thoughts. In this state, your whole brain has been harnessed and is being managed.

This deliberate posture is not a suitable environment for any problematic thoughts and emotions to take hold and grow. But they won't all disappear immediately. Some of them have years of momentum to unwind! But, like cut flowers, they may look healthy for the moment, but their death is imminent.

From your new posture, the actions you take today – aka the seeds 🌱 you plant – will produce only healthier and sweeter fruit. This looks like every facet of your life improving, but often in ways that change and build so subtly that they take a while to notice.


When you catch yourself reactive or lost in thought, notice when changes physically as you reset to @attention.

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