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Baby Thoughts!๐Ÿฃ

Day 213

We're looking quite closely at the nature of our monkey minds in order to see the whole lifecycle of thoughts. Generally, we're already aware of and familiar with our more mature thoughts (some of whom we even end up going toe-to-toe with at 2am!).

We've also gotten pretty familiar with clearing these thoughts, at least temporarily. Just taking one conscious breath produces a brief break in your thought-stream โ€“ like windshield wipers clearing your windscreen of raindrops, for a moment.

The other far subtler end of the thought lifespan is where they're just being born and are starting to grow. This is the direction that we're looking towards now. What do the very first 'seed thoughts' look like? The practice is like a microscope where we frame things and can look very closely at them.

Just like how it's much easier to deal with our initial and early emotions, before they grow to overwhelming and out-of-control proportions, young thoughts are most easily dealt with too.

Remember that it's the mere observation of the thinking monkey that changes the nature of it, and of the relationship you have with it. You're not trying to change, fix or understand anything about your thinking self. Instead, your only responsibility is to observe your thoughts from the perspective of your human awareness. As you continue to observe/practice, you'll notice changing, fixing and understanding happening all by themselves.


Continue using your eye-focus on any object (particularly where your eyes stick themselves) to see if you can notice the very first thoughts that come up. From there you might be able to notice where they go and how they grow.

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