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A Little More Maybe

Day 246

This week we continue to look at the immensely important 'maybe' space – aka 'possibility', 'potential', 'acceptance', 'equanimity'...etc! The 'maybe' is free of both the tension and surety of 'no', and the fleeting and unsustainable excitement of 'yes'. 'Maybe' is our natural baseline state of mind. From here we can investigate things objectively, and learn to ride out the 'yes/no' feelings and thoughts, some of which seek to motivate us very strongly indeed!

We are learning, in our human minds, to be present and in the driver's seat – in control of our own attention. Then, in our monkey minds, we're learning to focus, to become less susceptible to distractions, which produces a sense of calm. With this calm-focus, we are now looking right at our volatile mammal minds. Our task here is to recognise the 'maybe' and to strengthen our capacity to stay in it. Maintaining a 'maybe' posture is the key to moving towards the light, whether you're starting from the light or dark.

Your body and breath are your allies in holding this space. Standing/sitting/lying @Attention, and breathing on purpose are both 'maybe' postures. You are poised, ready for anything, present, focused and physically in balance. You do not need to feel emotionally balanced – this is not your responsibility – your emotions will sort themselves out as you observe and accept them, which is to say, hold the maybe around them. As they change under your watchful presence, you will learn about yourself and will grow mentally strong.



As you move through your day, notice when you're naturally in a 'maybe' space. It may actually happen quite often, but we are not disposed to notice. An emotional 'maybe' is taken as an opportunity for the monkey to fill your mind up (often eventually bringing you around to a 'no').

How do you describe this 'maybe' space to yourself?

What does it feel like?

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