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A Fugly & Gorgeous Song from the INSIDE

Our daily zoom practice group spontaneously sang 'happy birthday' to me the other day. [You can listen to the performance below!] The end result was far from perfect, objectively speaking, but SUBJECTIVELY speaking, things sound a bit different.

In this short talk, I touch on the critical and vast difference between life on the objective outside vs the subjective inside. The path of mindfulness practice is entirely concerned with exploring your inside/self down to the very deepest levels. Our whole lives we are taught to focus on the outside, empirical world, but at some point (often looking like a 'mid-life crisis') it dawns on us that there is no lasting peace or happiness to be found out there.

We'll explore these depths of our minds more thoroughly a bit later in our 1-year practice challenge – stay tuned!

Here's our performance of Happy Birthday, as sung from the heart. 😍 Enjoy!

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