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You Are 'The Observer' โ€” Day 179

As we come to the end of our first six months, and of the first circle/spiral through our minds (four of them, so far), remember where we started 179 days ago โ€“ with our human mind/awareness/The Observer.

We've seen now that the nature and expression of our human minds are the qualities/skills of awareness & acceptance. The nature of the human mind is to love what is (awareness), as it is (acceptance). ๐Ÿ˜ Your practice involves making this human mind your home-base โ€“ aka the New You. (FYI the Old You was/is made up of your thinking mind enslaved by your emotional mind. This set-up leads to no end of problems!).

For the purposes of the practice, we will treat awareness & acceptance as two separate qualities to cultivate, while understanding that ultimately they are the same. In fact, they contain and require each other (two wings of a bird!).


In many ways, the deeper and more mature our mindfulness practice becomes, the simpler it gets. What would it mean/look like to merely observe?

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