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You are at the heart of everything we do at Modern Monk. The only way to change the world is by changing individual minds. 

How to start transforming your mind:

  • We encourage you to start with our 30-day Introductory Course. In this online, self-paced program you'll learn about your own mind and how to practice mindfulness, and you'll start to build a daily practice habit (30mins/day). 

    By the end of this program you'll recognise how you create your own problems/stress, and understand how to change those deep mental habits. The $30 course includes a 1-on-1 short coaching, so we can make sure the practice makes sense to you, and you can ask us any questions. 

  • Then, join our Daily Practice Group. This is where you do the ongoing 'chop wood, carry water' work to transform your mind, and join a supportive community to help you keep showing-up. We meet live online, every day (daily recordings available) for 15 mins of yoga, 25 mins of mindfulness meditation, and 5 mins of teaching. You can join us at anytime. 

  • Join us in real life at our upcoming Events & Retreats

    • 1-day Urban Retreat – Feb 26 (Brisbane)

    • Mindful Walking – Hills & Bandhas! (date coming soon)

    • 4-day Retreat – May 4-7 (Northern NSW)

  • Explore our Practice App/Library to learn more about what we do and about the practice [coming soon!]

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Our Clients Speak,

We've had the privilege to teach mindfulness to thousands of people.

Manish is an excellent teacher whose 5 Mind model is the key to understanding and developing a Mindfulness practice for improved daily living.

Manish is the total package with a background in science as well as a lifetime of personal Mindfulness practice experience.


Julia Maloney


Manish is an exceptional mindfulness teacher/guide. He instructs and expresses mindfulness concepts simply, and then skillfully guides you through the complexity that arises. His focus is always practical and his approach is supportive but challenging.

Kate Byrne


After working with Manish for a number of years I can attest to his integrity, knowledge, and wisdom in teaching mindfulness meditation. Manish combines up-to-the-minute science and ancient meditation practices in a life-changing, engaging, enjoyable, rewarding program.

Rob Lynne


Absolutely love our weekly online session with Manish; creating mindfulness moments with other like-minded people who join our Sunday morning meditation call. My partner and I really look forward to the session as it's just a beautiful, peaceful, and grounded way to start a Sunday morning.

Amanda Miller


Sensational Intelligence is my discovery of the year. Manish is a mindfulness guru with many years of practical experience, which clearly shows in the way he works with people. He talks about extremely difficult topics like neuroscience in an easily digestible way.

Hanna Sztechmiler


I have been meditating for almost 40 years and I felt enormously blessed when I found Manish 10 years ago. Manish is The Real Thing. He integrates science with age-old meditation practices and philosophies. My latest work with him has been the 30-day mindfulness online course.

Robyn Emerson

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