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Conscious Leadership

The key to leading through volatility comes from within.


What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious Leadership is leading with the benefit of true awareness, both external and internal. So not only being aware and responding to what is happening around us, but critically what is also happening inside of us. 


Why is it important?

Conscious Leadership builds the awareness, mental flexibility and calm that allows leaders to make deliberate, intentional choices based on what they are experiencing, rather than defaulting to previous experiences, success models or stress responses.


Conscious Leadership unlocks leadership potential in all scenarios, however, it is in uncertain, high-stakes situations where calm, clear conscious leadership is most critical.  Achieving Conscious Leadership is a transformational experience for most, in both leadership and in life. Developing the skills and awareness to look closely, to be fully present, to truly listen and understand, and to welcome uncertainty with calm, flexible and deliberate choices is powerful. For organisations navigating increasingly volatile and uncertain environments, it is also critical


Conscious Leadership and Modern Monk 

At Modern Monk, our Conscious Leadership programs are designed specifically for corporate and organisational leaders. We run one-on-one and group programs of varying lengths to suit individual client needs. Our proprietary methodology and practices combine mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology and decades of experience working with business and organisational leaders worldwide.


We are with participants every step of the way, teaching, but more importantly training and practicing daily. It is the consistency of our daily supported training that differentiates us from all of the books, self-driven programs and workshops, and why our leadership transformations are so profound. 


With our step-by-step method, participants will:

  • Develop self-awareness and the necessary perspective to train the mind

  • Develop and enhance situational awareness 

  • Develop deliberate focus, calm and flow

  • Gain control over unconscious, destructive reactivity

  • Tap into a deep, internal source of energy and intuition

  • Learn and practice how to respond in uncertain, high-stakes situations


Interested to learn how our Conscious Leadership programs can transform your personal or organisation leadership? Let’s Connect


Please contact us to discuss if this would be an appropriate program for you or your organisation.

*Ask us about our guarantee.

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