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Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality mindfulness training to individuals and organisations. We aim to transform people's lives, and through them, the world. Our evidence-based and time-tested method is the most efficient way to experience the benefits of mindfulness practice for yourself and your people. 

We Support


  • 30-day Intro Course

  • Daily Practice Group

  • Events & retreats

  • Personal coaching

  • Practice App/Library


  • Workplace wellbeing

  • Sustainable

  • Relationships & Teamwork

  • Professional coaching

Conscious Leaders

  • Build self-leadership skills

  • Lead others by example

  • Create meaning

  • Work & live 'on purpose'

  • Give back

Why Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness develops self-leadership. As you manage your mind, you will cultivate positive states of mind, like:

 health, happiness, connection, creativity, on purpose & with meaning, spiritual insight

The key is daily practice.

Why Modern Monk

A modern monk balances their external and internal awareness – 'what's going on in your world', and 'what's going on in your head'.


In our experience, most people know a lot less about 'what goes on in their heads'. This can be a big problem, because the state of your mind is by far the greatest influence on 'what goes on in your world'. But it's also the largest opportunity for growth you'll ever find. There is a LOT of uncharted territory in your mind!

 Accessing this potential requires a daily practice focused on inside work, like a traditional monk. But we continue to live modern lives on the outside (eg jobs, families...).

Why You

We'll help you install an internal perspective. you to think, feel and act like modern monk, in order to make your life, your family/organisation, and the world better. You don't have to change anything about your life on the outside, but you're going to start taking into account your insides as well. 

Becoming a modern monk involves committing to:

  • practice every day (this can be more accessible than you think!) 

  • take radical personal responsibility for yourself


As you install a modern monk perspective into your mind, you'll watch as every aspect of your life improves.

You'll change your mind, change your life, and change the world.

The Modern Monk Mindfulness Method is a step-by-step way to make this change. 


Meet Your Guide

Manish Mallas
The Modern Monk

Manish grew up in California, in an Indian family with a direct mindfulness lineage stretching back 2,500 years to when his family were students of the Buddha.


As a child, Manish was selected by his family to carry on the lineage. Since then, for over forty years, he has been practicing meditation, breath-work and yoga. 


Manish has taught thousands of people — from CEOs to 2nd graders — to understand and manage their minds in order to enjoy happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilling lives. He has a passion for making the ancient practice of mindfulness relevant and practical to our modern lives.

⭐️ The Daily Practice Guarantee ⭐️

Join our daily practice (live online and recorded). This is heart of what we do, and is the key to how mindfulness works. A daily practice is required to gain enough leverage to transform your deep mental habits. 

Our guarantee: If you practice with us every day for 30 days and don't notice a change in yourself for the better, we'll return your money. 


Our mission is to make mindfulness accessible for everyone.

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